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Recent Successes

NMT II has made significant strides toward full commercialization of the NobleStitch device for PFO closure in the last year.  Full commercialization of the device, putting it into the hands of physicians around the world, means revolutionizing the way PFOs are treated.  Rather than subjecting patients to open heart surgery requiring great cost and recovery time, the NobleStitch provides non-surgical closure of PFOs that allows for patients to be up and about the next day.

NMT II has successfully undergone clinical trials for the NobleStitch device, and it has successfully been used abroad to treat patients suffering from severe symptoms of a PFO.

The Orange County Register’s Business section recently noted NMT II’s patents relating to the NobleStitch device, among other local patents in the paper’s December 2013, article.

John Wyall’s Story

The NobleStitch did exactly what I hoped it would. I had my energy back as soon as the anesthesia wore off. I was able to get up early in the morning, take a two-mile walk in the mountains with my wife, and return to my other normal activities. It’s hard to believe that until just a few days ago I’d spent 14 to 18 hours in bed every day for over 18 months. I can’t imagine even being able to do that again. Best of all, I have peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about a failure-prone metal device sitting inside my heart or have to take anti-platelet medication for six months or more.

Earlier this year, Prof. Nobles was sought out by John Wyll, an American individual who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and severe migraines.  His life was changed by his symptoms from a highly active one, to daily misery where he could hardly get out of bed.  After facing great dissatisfaction with the options presented to him by doctors, John sought out an alternative.  He contacted Prof. Nobles, inquired about the NobleStitch device, and shortly thereafter he and his wife flew to London for the procedure.  The procedure was performed by Dr. Michael Mullen, who has successfully completed several cases abroad using the NobleStitch device.  A little over six months later, John’s migraines have been vastly reduced, and is able to lead an active, normal life.

Recent Press Releases

June 19, 2014: Nobles Medical Technologies II Treats First Patient in Sweden with NobleStitch EL PFO Closure Device

May 16, 2014: First US Patient with NobleStitch EL PFO Closure Device

May 16, 2014: Nobles Medical Technologies II Hires New Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

April 29, 2014: “Nobles Medical Technologies II Receives Japanese Patent for ‘Suturing Devices and Methods for Closing a Patent Foramen Ovale'”

April 26, 2014: Nobles Medical Technologies II Launches Sale in Sweden for Its Minimally Invasive NobleStitch EL System for PFO Closure

April 24, 2014: Nobles Medical Technologies II. Inc. Receives Recertification of ISO13485 and EN-ISO 14971

The NobleStitch is approved in Europe for vascular and cardiovascular suturing and PFO closure. In the United States the NobleStitch is FDA cleared and is indicated for use in the placement of sutures for soft tissue approximation in surgical procedures such as general, vascular and cardiovascular surgery, including endoscopic procedures at the end of that last sentence add The NobleStitch EL is not indicated for blind closure.

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