NMT II: Management











Prof. Anthony Nobles, Chairman and CEO

Over the past 28 years, Prof. Nobles has developed and patented more than 150 products and medical devices. He specializes in vascular and cardiovascular devices, and his inventions have assisted surgeons around the world in successfully performing complex suturing and cardiac surgeries.

Nobles founded several medical technology companies and currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of HeartStitch Medical, Inc. and Nobles Medical Technologies II, Inc. One of his earlier business ventures Nobles Medical Technologies I was sold to Medtronic in 2010. He also founded Sutura, which he took public in 2005.

Prof. Nobles has lectured and presented around the world at the American college of Cardiology, the Society of vascular Surgery, the American College of Neurosurgery, Congress on Congenital & Structural Interventions, Paris meeting on Revascularizations, Harvard Medical School, USC School of Healthcare, UCLA Medical School, University of Zwickau and many other congresses and schools. Prof. Nobles recently became a Professor of Biomedical Science at the West Sachsen University Zwickau, Germany.











Ben Brosch, President

Mr. Brosch has over 35 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and management, with more than 18 years of experience in the medical devcice space. Mr. Brosch is a named inventor on several patents for innovative medical devices in the fields of general surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, ObGyn, cardiac surgery, and cardiology.  Mr. Brosch has co-founded and served as an executive of several medical device companies.


Elvia Contreras, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs/ Quality Assurance

The NobleStitch is approved in Europe for vascular and cardiovascular suturing and PFO closure. In the United States the NobleStitch is FDA cleared and is indicated for use in the placement of sutures for soft tissue approximation in surgical procedures such as general, vascular and cardiovascular surgery, including endoscopic procedures at the end of that last sentence add The NobleStitch EL is not indicated for blind closure.

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