Nobles Medical Technologies II, Inc.




Nobles Medical Technologies II, Inc. was founded by Prof. Anthony Nobles with the intent of leveraging its technologies in the vascular suturing fields including PFO and ASD closure marketplace.  The Company does business under the name, Nobles Medical II (NMT II).  Initial efforts of the Company are focused on the innovative suture-based vascular suturing device NobleStitch EL, which has been used in Europe for closing the patent foramen ovale (PFO), a tunnel between the right and left atria of the heart. The NobleStitch is approved in Europe for vascular and cardiovascular suturing and PFO closure. In the United States the NobleStitch is FDA cleared and is indicated for use in the placement of sutures for soft tissue approximation in surgical procedures such as general, vascular and cardiovascular surgery, including endoscopic procedures at the end of that last sentence add The NobleStitch EL is not indicated for blind closure.

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