Biomedical Engineering

Anthony Nobles has been inventing methods, procedures, and products in the medical device space for over 25 years.  He is the named inventor on over 70 US patents and patent applications issued or pending by the USPTO, and he is the listed inventor on numerous other patents in Canada, the European Union, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia.  Over the years, Prof. Nobles has built several companies around his technologies; he has sold these companies, and licensed or sold their products, to major medical device companies like Cordis, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and Edwards LIS.

Prof. Nobles’ extensive background in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering has allowed him to design products and devices that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients from a unique problem solving perspective.  By working with physicians and listening to their needs and concerns, Prof. Nobles has developed devices to address issues in the areas of cardiology, neuro surgery, vascular surgery, and women’s health. While developing cutting edge devices to solve contemporary medical problems, Prof. Nobles has designed accompanying procedures, including endoscopic third ventriculostomy, percutaneous suture-based PFO closure, and suture based arterial closure.

Prof. Nobles stands outside his facility's Class 10,000 clean room where HeartStitch products  are built, sterilized, and packaged.

Prof. Nobles stands outside his facility’s Class 10,000 clean room where devices are assembled, sterilized, and packaged.

Prof. Nobles is currently the CEO and Chairman of HeartStitch®, and Nobles Medical Technolgies II, Inc.  Prof. Nobles is the inventor and entrepreneur behind several other companies where he launched some of his early technologies, ranging from endoscopy to suture-based closure devices.  In the early 1990s, Nobles’ company Visioneering developed the Visioneering Visualization Trocar, allowing a new level of safety inside the abdomen for general surgeons performing laproscopic surgery.  About the same time, his Vision 20/20 System significantly upgraded the way endoscopic procedures could be performed.  Through Nobles-Lai Engineering, Nobles built upon his own technologies to create the Hawkvision System neuroendoscopy system, and a line of neuroendoscopic tools for treating several brain diseases.  Prof. Nobles continued his advancements in technology with his development of products for angioscopy, which were sold or licensed to Baxter, Trimedyne, Candela, and Saratoga Medical.  Nobles subsequently started Sutura, Inc., a company focused on suture based closure devices for femoral arterial closure, which Nobles took public in 2005.


A Technos camera atop Nobles' Formula 1 car

A Technos camera atop Nobles’ Formula 1 car.

Prof. Nobles has a passion for racing, and under his company Technos LLC, he invented anti-vibration camera systems to address needs in the world of Formula 1.  In the past he has worked with Ferrari’s various Formula 1 racing groups to bring this technology to Ferrari Formula 1 and the Ferrari F1 Clienti.  Nobles has also developed other racing technologies, including a prototype exercise system for Michael Schumacher, a proprietary tire pressure system for Ferrari, aerodynamic pressure sensors, and a tunnel-less wind tunnel .


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